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Royal Enfield

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Company Logo
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Company Roots

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First Production Model


Major Company Changes

Main Target Group

Model Timeline


Model Engine Years Notes
Quadricycle 1898 Prototype. Production of De Dion powered tricycles and quadricycles started in 1899
First Motorcycle MAG or JAP 1901 Used Swiss MAG or British J.A.P. engine
Model 180 770 cc With V-twin JAP engine

Inter War Years

Model Engine Years Notes
Model A 225cc 1930 Two stroke single
Model B 225cc 1930 Side valve single
Model C, F, G 346cc 1930 Side Valve single
Model CO 346cc 1930 Overhead Valve single
Model D, H, HA 488cc 1930 Side Valve single
Model E, J, JA 488 cc 1930 Overhead Valve single
Model K 976 cc 1930 Side Valve V- twin
Model KX 1140 cc 1937 Side Valve V- twin
Bullet 346 cc 1938 Overhead Valve Single with alloy head was derived from Model G. First use of now famous Bullet name.

War Department[1]

Model Engine Years Notes
WD/RE 125 cc Known as the "Flying Flea". Two stoke single based on DKW RT. Used extensively in WW2 to jump with parachutes.
WD/D 246 cc Sidevalve single

Widely used for message delivery.

WD/C 346 cc Sidevalve single.

Based on the prewar 350cc sidevalve bike, this model was supplied in large numbers to various military services and countries around the world, from 1939-1941. Postwar, many reconditioned bikes appeared on the civilian market.

WD/C0 346 cc Overhead Valve single

A request by the Army to Royal Enfields for more power saw the overhead Model WD/CO appear, to replace the WD/C Model. This model was supplied in very large numbers 1941-44 to many services and countries around the world. Postwar, many reconditioned bikes appeared on the civilian market.

WD/G 346 cc Overhead Valve single

Supplied in small numbers.

WD/L 570 cc Sidevalve single

Supplied in small numbers.

WD/J2 499 cc Overhead Valve single

Supplied in small numbers.


Model Engine Years Notes
Royal Enfield Model CO 350 350 cc ohv single 1946-1947 A rigid-framed girder-fork model from prewar, put back into production briefly postwar to fill a need for transport.
Royal Enfield Model G 350 350 cc ohv single 1946-1954 A rigid framed model with the new telescopic front fork, as modest priced basic transport it sold well.
Royal Enfield Model J 500 500 cc ohv single 1946-1947 A rigid framed telescopic fork model, it offered a bigger engine than the almost identical looking Model G 350cc.
Royal Enfield Model J2 500 500 cc ohv single twin port 1947-1954 A rigid framed telescopic fork model, it offered a flashy twinport exhaust system - twin exhaust pipes one each side of the bike.
Bullet 350 350 cc single 1938-1960 ISDT winner, and very widely used roadbike with swingarm rear suspension.

Amongst the first to be so equipped. (Read the main article Royal Enfield Bullet)

Bullet 500 500 cc single 1953-1962 (Read the main article Royal Enfield Bullet)
Fury 500 cc/600cc single 1958-1963 Competition model built for US flat track competition market; it was essentially a Bullet 500 bottom end with a substantially larger cylinder head with integrated rocker box, larger ports and valves. The bike was nicknamed "Big Head". Came with 1.5” Amal GP carburetor and Lucas Racing Magneto. 193 ever made. One 600cc prototype was made and sold per factory records. A "Big Head" bullet was sold in the UK concurrently for the civilian market with a smaller inlet valve and Amal Monobloc carburetor.
Meteor Minor 500 cc twin 1951-1960 First twin cylinder post-war motorcycle. Parallel twin housed in the same swing arm frame as the singles.
Super Meteor 700 cc twin 1953-1962 40bhp touring model
Constellation 700 cc twin ??-1962 52bhp with “R” cams and single TT carb; Weak bottom end proved unreliable. Later detuned to make it more reliable. Unique sissor-action clutch. A "bathtub" model with a unique fiberglass rear end was also sold.
700 Interceptor 700 cc twin 1960 163 ever made; all were exported to North Ameica; Engine code starts with VAX.
750 Interceptor 736 cc twin 1962-1970 Series 1, Series 1A, Series 2 (with wet sump lubrication)

Indian branded Royal Enfields (sold in USA from 1955 to 1960)[3]

Model Engine Years Notes
Indian Chief 700 cc twin 1958-1961 Longest wheelbase of any postwar Royal Enfield; Single Monobloc carb; distributor ignition; 16” wheels; Albion heavy-duty gearbox with AM prefix. Earlier bikes had Super Meteor spec Engine; but later bikes came with Constellation spec engine. This is the only bike that was not replaced with an AMC model when AMC took over Indian in 1960.
Indian Trailblazer 700 cc twin 1955-1959 19” wheels. Single carb and dual carb, valanced fenders. Engine had Super Meteor spec
Apache 700 cc twin 1957-1959 Constellation spec engine. Single TT carb on most models. Slim alloy fenders. Quick Detach Headlights. Sportiest of all Enfield based Indians.
Tomahawk 500 cc twin 1955-1959 19” wheels, Meteor Minor engine specs. Early casquette debuted in 1954. Earlier bikes had the pre 1955 frame.
Woodsman 500 cc Single 1955-1959 Same as 500cc Bullet with high pipes and big 5” speedo. Sold as a competition bike.
Westerner 500cc single 1957-1958 Competition version of the Woodsman with low open pipes, Amal TT carburetor and racing magneto, no lights and speedometer. Very few were made.
Patrol Car 346cc Single 1957-1959 3 speed gearbox with provision for a reverse gear. Hand shifter. Some models had 16” tires all around and some others had 19” front and 16” rear.
Fire Arrow & Hounds Arrow 248cc single 1957-1959 Earlier models were semi-unit Clipper engine; later models had 248cc unit single engine
Lance Arrow 148cc single 1957-1959 Two stroke engine. Most were painted yellow from the factory. Not very many were imported.

Motorcycles made in India by Royal Enfield Motors , formerly Enfield India Ltd. (1955 onwards)

Model Engine Years Notes
Ensign 150 cc 1956–196? 150cc two-stroke engine
Sherpa/Crusader 175 cc 1963–1980 Motorcycle with a two stroke 175cc Villiers engine. Sherpa was rechristened Crusader after a restyling job in 1970.
Mini Bullet 200 cc 1980–1983 Motorcycle with a enlarged 200cc Crusader engine. It was a favorite amongst racing enthusiasts in India.
Fantabulous 150 cc 1962–197? Scooter with a two stroke 150cc Villiers engine and heel/toe gearshift. First Indian made bi-wheeler to have an electric starter. It used a Dynastart system.
Fury 163 cc 1988–1995? It was a licensed copy of the Zundapp KS 175. It was the first motorcycle in India to sport a disc brake. Wheels were cast alloy and front end sported 35mm Pailoi forks. Later model was called Grand Prix. Rare DW175 model came with drum brakes, both front and back.
Explorer 50 cc 198?–199? Air-cooled version of the Zundapp KS50 with 3 speed gearbox
Silver Plus 50 cc 198?–199? Step thru moped with kick start and hand gear shift. Based on Zundapp ZS/ZX 50 models.
MOFA 22 cc 198?–199? Mini moped designed by Morbidelli of Italy to manufacture in India. The 22cc two stroke engine had a centrifugal clutch and the fuel was carried in the frame down tube.
Lightning 535 cc 198?–2003 Cruiser style motorcycle with 535cc(87mm bore) based on Fritz Egli tuned Bullets. Hi-volume oil pumps, 4 speed gearbox and two tone paint. Indian Market only model. Also available with electric start. A rare 350cc model was also sold for some time.
Diesel/Taurus 312 cc 198?–2001 Diesel motorcyle with a 312cc 6.5bhp Lombardini diesel engine. Gearbox was beefed up to withstand increased torque. Taurus came with heavy-duty luggage rack for vending jobs.
Machismo 346 cc/499cc 198?–2009 Introduced with the classic 350cc Bullet engine with 4 speed gearbox; it later attained the AVL lean burn engine and eventually a 5 speed gearbox. Later, LB500 model came with the 500cc AVL lean burn engine. Sheet metal and trim had slight variations depending on the year. Indian market only model.
Bullet 350 346 cc 1955–present Originally started manufacturing in 1955 with 350cc iron-barrel engine and 4-speed Albion gearbox. Bullet Continental sold in USA in 1990s with left shift 4 speed gearbox. Attained the Unit Construction Engine in May of 2010. Many submodels introduced during its lifespan like Bullet Superstar. In 2010, the classic iron-barrel engine was replaced with the 350cc UCE engine. Bullet 350 is the cheapest of all the Royal Enfield models and is devoid of an electric starter, front disc brake, gas filled shocks etc. Only available in black with gold pinstripes
Bullet 500 499 cc 1990–present 500cc Bullet with classic iron-barrel engine. Sold in different variations with both 4 speed and 5 speed gearboxes(Sixty-5). Sold worldwide. In 2009, classic Bullet 500 production has come to an end; But the Classic 500 with the fuel-injected UCE engine is sold as Bullet 500 in almost all international markets.
Electra 346 cc 199?–present Indian market only model with 346cc classic engine. 4 speed or 5 speed gearbox. Later models with electric start and TCI ignition. Attained the UCE engine in 2010 and is now known as Electra Twinspark.
Electra-X 499 cc 200?–present Export only model with 500cc AVL lean-burn engine and 5-speed gearbox. Attained UCE engine in 2009
Thunderbird 346 cc 2000–present Cruiser style motorcycle that was a big hit to command almost half the domestic sales. Attained Euro-4 compliant Unit Construction Engine(UCE) in 2009 and was rechristened Thunderbird Twinspark. Indian Market only model.
Classic 500 499 cc 2010–present With Euro-4 compliant Unit Construction engine. Both Indian and International markets. Sold as Bullet 500 in most International markets. Fuel Injection and 18" wheels.ES only
Classic 350 346 cc 2010–present With Euro-4 compliant Unit Construction engine. Indian market only. UCAL\BS29 carburettor.

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